Knowledge Define Software Solution

Would we get same software solution, if we hired different teams to build the software solution? How team’s knowledge influence software solution?

How would a team analyze requirements, develop and test the software solution? If team’s knowledge was good enough for solving the problem, the team would propose the solution within boundaries of their knowledge. Otherwise the team would have to gain a new knowledge.


Let’s say, that we want to get the software architecture from requirements of the new software. We hire a new team. The new team has already successfully completed a few similar software projects. What would their delivery be like. Most probably like an architecture from some previous projects.

Probably, what we got, it would be good for us too. But if there existed better solution, it would be missed.


How often and when is team working on gaining a new knowledge? With a new knowledge new possibilities are opened.

If we knew limitation of a team, we could require something out of the team’s knowledge. This way the team would have to get a new knowledge in order to solve the problem.

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