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Notifications For New Emails or Other Text Messages Interrupt Your Current Work

When you get a new email message or a instant mobile message, do you really need to read it as soon as possible? Do you need to be notified that message has arrived?

If your top priorities are responding to all text messages as soon as possible, then you probably have to respond to them as soon as possible.

Communication with text messages is asynchronous. If a sender that produces a text message sends a text message and expects a response, it won’t stop working and start waiting for response, but it will be doing it’s own work while waiting. In some cases the sender’s work is to wait for response. If the sender wanted your response immediately, it could chose another communication channel, for example, phone call.

If you don’t have to know immediately that a new notification has arrived, why do you have to be notified? You can schedule when you are going to read all text messages. For example, you schedule reading your text messages twice a day.

Problems with notification

When you are working, you think about the work. If you are interrupted by a notification that text message has arrived, you are interrupted and you probably change focus to the content of the text message. After the text message is read and processed, you change focus to your work. Each change of focus takes time and mental energy.

It is more that a lost time and an energy, when a notification happens. Maybe you become addicted to notifications. Could it be that

  • you begin to expect new messages,
  • you are constantly waiting for something,
  • you don’t go anywhere without a mobile device,
  • when you are notified, you feel different?

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