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Computer Mouse – From Right Hand to Left Hand

Five years ago I held the mouse with the right hand. I’m right handed. Since then I hold the mouse with the left hand. I got used to it in three weeks. Beside that:

  • I did not switched left-right hand mode. Buttons have same functions. In this way I didn’t need to learn new functions.
  • My mouse has high DPI. I set high sensitivity. I’m using four monitors and I never lift my mouse when I move the pointer form one side to another side.
  • I can adjust weight to my mouse. If you set high sensitivity, it can help.
  • My mouse has a setting where I can chose between click-to-click precision or hyper-fast scrolling. When you have to scroll down or up more than few steps, hyper-fast scrolling is much faster. With hyper-fast scrolling you do fewer finger moves than by click-to-click scrolling.
  • Before I bough my mouse I held it. My mouse is not small. My mouse is for right handed, but it can be hold in left hand without problems, except that it is hard to use some function buttons (I’m not using them).
Gaming mouse
Mouse with high DPI and hyper-fast scrolling. (I don’t have that kind of mouse)

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